What are TextAds?

TextAds are a simple, polite, and inexpensive alternative to banners and other online advertising. Use them to:

  • direct viewers to your website, for selling or informing.
  • express appreciation
  • honor a respected or loved one by dedicating a message
  • display any brief, positive message

How do TextAds work?

A TextAd is inserted into a box on a webpage just like any other content. Visitors see a small text box with your message, including a web link if desired. For example:

FineArts eGallery
Organized by artist, genre, period; search by keyword such as name, title, subject.

The text box displays one TextAd at a time, changing with each visit to the website. You pay for a selected number of impressions — the number of times your ad is shown to a visitor. Your ad appears in random order rotation with all other TextAds.

How do TextAds compare to other online advertising?

TextAds provide all of the benefits of other forms of online advertising without the annoying downsides. There has been a considerable amount of backlash by users as many online advertisers have resorted to more and more desperate attempts to capture user's attention. Pop-up ads, Pop-under ads, full-page ads. These are just a few examples of advertising that many users find to be intrusive. So much so that several companies have begun distributing software that lets users block all traditional forms of advertising. TextAds, by comparison, are small, effective, and most importantly, respectful of users. They cannot be blocked by ad filtering software and have proven to be quite successful.

How much to TextAds cost?

TextAds are inexpensive. The cost for 5000 impressions (our minimum) is only $25.00, which is just five tenths of a penny each time your message is shown to a visitor to the eGallery. This makes buying ads so inexpensive, practically anyone can run their own ad.

How do I purchase TextAds?

You can click here which will take you to a form that lets you create your TextAd and preview how it will look. Once you're satisfied with the wording of your ad, you can pay for your ads using PayPal.
When you have 250 impressions left to show, you will receive email notification and may choose to purchase additional impressions.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a popular and secure online payment system used by many online merchants. When you sign up for PayPal, they will collect your credit card or checking account information. When you make purchases using PayPal, PayPal debits your account directly. We do not collect any credit card or other financial information from you. This provides an additional layer of security that many users find comforting and is just one of the reasons PayPal is used by many of the buyers and sellers on eBay.

How will I know how my TextAds are doing?

We provide a reporting system that lets you track the number of ad impressions served and the number of click-thrus they generate. We even show you a daily summary of how your ads are performing. The example below demonstrates what information we provide you.

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